Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Sorry and an Update

I'm sorry, I know I've been MIA lately, I've just been soooo busy with life, house renovations, etc. So here is a sneak peak of what I have been busy with:
 Bathroom Demo!

This is just the beginning of my bathroom renovation! I promise to give you full details when the project is totally complete (by that I mean, I've actually decorated it! The big stuff is done now I just need to add finishing touches). Also sorry for the crappy phone pic, in the midst of remodeling the bathroom I couldn't find my camera!

But since I have been neglecting my blog lately I guess I should add a little more substance to this post, so here is an entirely different (and much simpler) project. Really, its just my dining room decor, but I like it, so I will share it!
 This is how our dining room looked in the MLS pictures and when we first viewed our house. 

These are how the dining room looks now, and yup those are a bunch of power cords on the ground, my hubby thinks thats a good place to charge all things electronic. 

So the things I like about this room:
  • I like that is much less sparse now, it looks full and lived in
  • It is bright, thanks to those windows
  • It has color, and I LOVE color
  • It has storage
  • Its a little funky, and a little eclectic, but not over the top weird (at least in my opinion)
  • Oh and there are a few details in this room I really like, but you can't see them well here, so maybe I will take close up pics and show them on another day.... But they are, those bird pics about the shelves, they are so cute and they are just on wood and I think they are great. I also have a very cute wood owl on the shelving unit that I think is just so cute (he is my new love) and a little wire peacock also sitting on the shelving unit.
Some things I want to do with this room still:
  • I like the chandelier I have in this room but it is a swag and I'd like to make it the regular light fixture, I'd like to remove the funky light fixture in the ceiling because not only is it ugly, it gives off bad light, and it is in a weird spot, its more in the center of the whole room as opposed to over the table. 
  • I'd like to put in a chair rail or wainscoting simply because I think they are pretty
  • Possible crown molding...?
  • I also want that short wall just behind the black bench to become a bar, I will put a granite slab on it and make it a bar on both sides hopefully (obviously it wont be quite that simple... but still, it should be a fairly simple project)
  • I'm sure there are more things I'd like to do, but at the moment thats all I can think of
So thats all for now, and I promise and update with my whole bathroom reno soon!