Thursday, April 21, 2011


Okay.... so I am committing to start trying to blog regularly- I don't expect anyone to read my blog or be interested but for my own sanity and my own outlet I am going to do it! So today is attempt one at keeping a regular blog!

This week I have felt so incredibly blessed! My husband is AMAZING, I will not say everyday (because I'm honest!) but most days, he treats me like I am a very special gift that was rewarded to him (and because I'm honest I will say that I don't act like a gift all the time,  I don't even act nice some of the time!). This week he had a few extra days off work and he spent one of them thinking of a gift he could give me to make me feel special, thought about and loved- yup, he's a keeper- so he got me curtains!

HAHA only a very thoughtful guy  like Jordan would remember that I've been on the hunt for just the right curtains for our living room, look all over town and then pick some he thought I'd like, not only did he pick them out but he hung them up so I would see them as soon as I got home!

Yup, I love my husband, and most days I love my life a whole lot too! 

And for anyone wondering my husband a pretty good looking too, here is us so that this blog has some sort of picture to keep things interesting!

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