Friday, May 6, 2011

Wedding and Stuff

So I got such great news today! My house is going to be painted this weekend, woohoo! I am seriously so excited, here I just said I was crossing my fingers it would be soon and now my husband took the initiative and got it planned, yay! I should be honest and say we aren't actually painting the house ourselves, a friend of my husbands was previously a professional painter but has retired, so he is going to do it for us cheap, and we'll help of course! I am so excited my house is going to be slightly less funky looking on the outside (unfortunately we still need to tackle the landscape)! Anyways, I promise to post update pics when its done!

Now that I've said all that on to some wedding recaps! I'm kind of over the whole wedding thing (I know I'm terrible), it was so fun and so wonderful, but so much work, so I'm not going to talk too much about it, I'll just give the highlights then give you the link to my wedding video and and some pics. So.... we had Mexican food (because I'm Mexican and thats just always what I thought I'd do) and it was a total hit- not to mention so cheap! We had about 300 guests (yikes!), and we wanted the ceremony to be short and sweet, I didn't want a lot of traditional things- no bouquet or garter toss, no cake cutting, etc. I really just wanted to have this great celebration and it totally was, so here ya go! 

Wedding music video: By Tyler Faires Productions
He was absolutely amazing to work with, very professional and creative, I could not love my video and experience with him more!

Wedding Photography: Betsey Walton Photography
She is so freaking amazing words can't even say! I love her and I love her photos, she is so sweet and easy to work with but also so talented! 

First here are some photos from my DIY fauxto booth- 
 My silly mom, aunt and grandma
 A few of my ladies
 Myself and all of my bridesmaids
 The Newlyweds!!!!
 My brother and his girlfriend
My new family (the in laws)!

Now on to some pro photos: I'm going to be very self absorbed and highlight only a few of just the two of us, I'll show you some details and other pics on a later post.

 This sunset really happened, isn't it gorgeous! *swoon*
 Our first kiss as husband and wife, woohoo!

Alright, this recap is done, I'm tired all over again just looking through the photos and remembering how much work it all was. Also on that note I should say how very very much I appreciate all of my wonderful friends and family for helping me plan, organize, set up, clean up, and celebrate my wedding! 

I promise to give more pictures and details soon!!! And check back in for pictures of our house paint job!

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  1. So happy I stumbled across your blog :) Hope you can follow mine as well and give me some much-needed tips on how to stay sane during the wedding planning process! You looked absolutely stunning in your photos.