Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Details

So, here is a little recap of some of our wedding details. These are the details my mom (because shes wonderful) and I worked our butts off to try and make perfect that I'm sure no one will remember, so I made sure to have my photographer get pics of it all so that all my work was not in vain!

Here you go.
The rosary around my bouquet is my grandmothers, its the rosary I remember her praying with all my life, so it was my something blue, and obviously it was borrowed too- (however my other something borrowed was my necklace from my other grandmother, I loved having pieces from both of them on my wedding day!) 
 This is one of my very favorite "details" of my wedding. It is a purple, green, and blue (wedding colors) chandelier that hung next to the archway we got married under. It was definitely a labor of love! First painting it was a pain, and then trying to figure out how to hang it, where to hang it, how to make the lights work, etc. was ridiculous, but it all worked out and I love it, now I am going to hang it in my office!

My shoes!!!  You can also see our arch in the background with our chandelier.
 So this is our first kiss, but look past that and you can see our arch with peacock feathers woven in it.
1 of my 3 cupcake trees- we had 350 cupcakes! I loved them! We decided to do cupcakes instead of cake since we don't really like cake, it was cheaper, and we didn't want to do a cake cutting. 
Our cupcake topper, two little peacocks sitting on a tree (a cupcake tree that is)! 
I had an agua fresca bar, we had I think 3 or 4 different types of agua fresca and lemonade (in case you didn't realize, I am hispanic, so agua fresca for those who don't know what it is, is a Mexican fresh fruit drink)
 One of my centerpieces. We used assorted clear, blue, green, and purple glass jars, and we places some flowers and peacock feathers in a few of them, I also had alternating blue runners, or long peacock feathers as runners. 
 The table settings looked like this (but hopefully they had a straighter spoon). Each table was alternating as well with a green big napkin and a blue smaller or vice versa- blue big and green small. As you can see, I LOVE color, and I don't shy away from bold, I also tend to not be especially traditional!

Just decorations....
The big picture!
 This pic isn't really a detail but I wanted you to see my bouquet because it was absolutely gorgeous, I LOVED LOVED LOVED it, so here is one angle of it, sorry I don't have a better one on my computer! 

I hope you enjoyed the details we worked so hard for, I know I did!

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  1. I love so much of it!!! The colors, the feathers, the dress, the centerpieces! What a great theme!!!